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Home Ribbon Bar

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The ribbon enables you to access all general MemberTies functionality that isn't specific to another workspace.

The available icons may vary based on standard vs professional version, and security settings.

The general use of each button is described below. Click any option to go to the help for that area.

Members - opens the Members workspace

Groups - opens the Groups workspace

Activities - opens the Activities workspace

Front Desk* - open the Front Desk window to check people in/out of activities

Documents* - opens the Documents workspace

Reports - opens the Reports workspace

Preferences - enables management of all system preferences controlling system functionality

Lists - enables management of all system dropdown lists, default values, etc.

Deposits* - enables managing deposits

To-Do List - displays the To Do list covering all Member, Group, and personal to-do items

Import Data - enables importing data from an external file

Change Password - enables changing your current password

Locked Records - displays all locked (in-use) records. The mtadmin can remove locks here.

Event Log - displays all logged system events (If the event log is enabled)

Maintain Users - manages users for the system

Security Groups - manages security groups and rules

Database Toolkit - closes MemberTies and opens the Database Toolkit utility

Server Utility - closes MemberTies and opens the Database Server utility

Active Users - displays a list of all users currently logged in from any computer

License Info - displays the status of the current license

Program Info - displays the current program and database version, and support contact info

Help - opens this help file

Exit - closes the program


* Professional Version Only