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The To Do list feature simply enables you to keep track of things that need to be done.  However, instead of a single general list, you can assign To Do items to individual member or group records, as well as to yourself.

To Do items can be anything you choose. For example, you might create a To Do for yourself entitled, "Print Year End Membership Roster" with a due date of December 31st. Then you just forget about it! When the due date arrives, the item will display on the To Do List when you start MemberTies (this is controlled by the Show To Do List preference). You can even specify how soon before the Due Date the To Do should begin to display. For example, setting the "prompt" to 10 would cause the To Do to display anytime you start MemberTies after December 20th.

To Do items can be marked as Completed at any time, and can be reopened if necessary. A report listing To Do items is also available.

Note: If there are no open (uncompleted) To Do items, the window will not appear at Log In regardless of  the Show To Do List preference setting.

This example shows the main To Do list that will appear at Log In, or by clicking the To-Do List button in the Misc section of the Home, Members, or Groups ribbon.