Record Locking

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Record Locking

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If the license in use allows more than one user to be logged in at a time, the system will use a record locking process to try to prevent two users from updating the same record at once.  If your license only allows a single user, no record locking is used.

For example, suppose user "sally" logs in and opens a membership record.  The system will make an entry in its records that sally now "owns" that record.  Now if user "joe" logs in and tries to open the same record, he will receive a message similar to:


Viewing Record Locks

Any user can view record locks, and by default, any user can remove locks.  The Unlock Records security rule can be used to prevent certain users from being able to remove record locks.

1.Choose the Home workspace by clicking the Home tab above the ribbon.

2.In the User Tools section of the ribbon, click Locked Records.

3.The Locked Records window will open.

4.If you are certain that the "Locked By" user is not actually using the record, click the Unlock icon free the record.  If you have the appropriate Security Setting to unlock records, the lock will be removed.
Note: It is important to be certain the record is not in use before removing the lock. If the record is still being used, removing the lock will allow other users to open and change the record at the same time. This could cause data to be lost or overwritten as each person saves their changes.

5.When you are finished, click Close.