MemberTies Standard - Revision History

This document provides information about each fixed problem, enhancement, and/or change in functionality included this release. If you are upgrading initially to version 5.x, please review this information.

General Upgrade Procedure

  1. Download the installer to each computer.
  2. Use the MemberTies Server Utility to stop the database server.
  3. Run the installer on each computer. If you have a multi-user system, be sure to start with the machine running the database.
  4. Verify a successful log in after each install.
  5. Contact support if any errors occur.

Note: Enhancements and problem-fixes from previous releases are automatically incorporated into the latest release.

Version 5.1.4  (01 February 2023)


Problems/Issues Fixed

Previous Releases

Version 5.1.3  (01 January 2023)

Version 5.1.1  (01 November 2022)

Version 5.1.0  (14 October 2022)

Version 5.0.3  (05 October 2022)

Version 5.0.2  (23 September 2022)

Version 5.0.1  (08 September 2022)

Version 5.0.0  (01 September 2022)