Important Information for the Initial Upgrade to the v5.0 Release Series

The upgrade from v4.26+ to v5.0 is a major upgrade. This is a total rewrite of the entire program.

Every effort was made to ensure continuity and keep general functionality consistent while still modernizing everything and rewriting everything. However there are two unavoidable effects of the change, described here:

System Requirements

Cleanest Install

  1. Ensure that you have a valid backup of all databases you use.
  2. Uninstall the current program via the Windows Control Panel
  3. Go to c:\ProgramData\ (it may be hidden on your computer) and see if a MemberTies folder exists. If found, delete it.
  4. Go to c:\Program Files(x86)\MemberTies\ and delete that folder if found as well.
  5. Install the new release.
  6. Start the program and the Welcome window will appear. Follow the steps to restore your backup file.
  7. Log in.
  8. Request a free replacement license (new format) if prompted.