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MemberTies Membership Software - track activity and attendance data

An Activity can be anything from a Movie Night or other party, to a Wedding Reception or Holiday Ball. Each activity is assigned a Location (from a list of locations you control), and optionally, a description, and a time frame.

MemberTies Professional expands upon the standard Activity feature to let you associate members and track income and expenses. Several new activity reports are also included.

Attendees: You can assign any number of membership records, any number of times to any activity. Each member can have a Role (the part they play in the activity), an Attendance Status (whether they were invited, present, student, teacher, no-shows, etc.), a start and end date/time, and general comments.

Income & Expense: You can assign income and expense items to the activity. Each item has an amount and a description. The income and expense balance is displayed on the tab itself.

Files: Like member and group records, files on your computer can be related to the activity as well.