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MemberTies Screen Shots

To see some examples of actual program windows, click any link below. Note that we wanted to show good detail on the graphics, so they may take a few seconds to open due to their size. Note that this is just a sample, there are many dozens of windows in MemberTies!

For a more thorough look at the entire system, feel free to examine our online reference manual.

Note to Users Outside the USA: Currency and dates shown on screen samples are all US formats; however, the system defaults to the Control Panel/Regional Settings options set for your PC. The currency and date formatting will be displayed appropriately for your country. Please contact us if you have any questions about international compatibility.

Logon Window

Membership List

Member Details: General

Member Details: Private Data

Member Details: Dues & Donations

Member Details: Items & Categories

Member Details: Associated Members & Groups

Member Details: Friends/Family

Member Details: To Do List

Member Details: Custom Fields

Member Details: Activities


Documents/Form Letters

Report Criteria


Membership Statuses

Interest Settings by Status

Scheduled Postings by Status


User-Defined Reports

User-Defined Views

Posting Types

Mass Posting

Multiple Addresses

Integrated Email

Activity Front Desk

Security Groups