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MemberTies Membership Software - use the system reports, or create your own

Many reports are available for displaying and distributing your data. A pdf file "printer" is installed with MemberTies as well, so generating universally readable pdf documents for your reports is as easy as printing to paper.

In addition, if the selected report allows you to specify search criteria, (i.e., rules to control which records are retrieved) you can save the settings under a new report name and add it to the reports list. Then it is a simple matter to re-run the report. For example, you might create a Custom Roster that only selects active members whose End Date is within 45 days of the current date. You could save that report as "Active - Exp. 45" and it would appear in the reports list.

If the report you want is not available and you can't create it as a user-defined report using the professional version, we can create it for you! A common customization request is to add a new report that shows certain data exactly the way you need it. The charge for a simple report is minimal, and your organization will get the exact report it needs.