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MemberTies is available here as a free download (shareware). This gives you the opportunity to try all the features of the software without having to buy it first. This free trial is limited to the entry of 20 membership records, but is fully functional in every other way. If you decide to purchase a license, you don't have to install anything new -- you will just enter your new license number into your existing installation to unlock the program.

The first step is choosing to download either the standard or the professional version:

Note:If you already have an existing MemberTies or MemberTies Professional installation, it is very important that you download the correct version. If aren't certain of your current version, click here.

Please choose the version you would like to download:

Report Viewer

The Report Viewer is a small utility for viewing mailing label and business card reports created in MemberTies or MemberTies Professional. Great for use by other members of your organization who need a set of labels to print, but don't need the full installation of the database. (Note: All reports can be printed as PDF documents for easy distribution)

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