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If you have a large database, searching for records will become a useful skill.  If your database only has a hundred records or so, it may be easy enough to simply scroll down the list of members, groups, or activities to find the record you need.  Even with a somewhat larger list, the quick search at the top of the list may be all you need to find a record.

As your data grows however, scrolling the list may be too cumbersome. This is when the search becomes very useful.

The above example shows the Search icon on the Membership List. The search icon is normally the first icon on the left side of the ribbon.

There are two types of searches: basic and advanced.

The Basic search simply involves fill in a seat of predefined fields. The available fields vary based on the list that was active when the search was opened.

The Advanced search enables you to create a much more specific search using relative date ranges, and/or linking between search clauses, and more.