General Functionality

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General Functionality

Program Window

The general layout of the main program window is shown below.  This example is the professional version. Certain features, such as the Front Desk, Documents workspace, and the Preview area are not available in the standard version of the software.

Ribbon menus

MemberTies uses a set of ribbon bars to provide easy, visual access to all of the functionality in the program. Rather than lots of confusing menus with lists of commands under commands under more commands, the ribbon bars will get you to anything needed.

The Home ribbon bar

The Home ribbon bar

The above shows main ribbon, called "Home".  This ribbon is used for actions that are more "system-wide" like Preferences, or can affect multiple areas, like Deposits or To Do Lists, as well as anything that doesn't fit into one of the 6 workspaces used by the program.

In addition to the Home ribbon, each workspace has its own ribbon, as listed below.

Each ribbon contains multiple sections, with a name indicating their general purpose.  The Home ribbon sections include:

Settings - program settings like Preferences and Lists

Misc - things that didn't fit elsewhere

User Tools - options to allow changing a password, viewing security rules or locked records, etc.

Administrator Tools - only visible when logged in as the mtadmin user, contains links to the Database Toolkit and Server Utility, more powerful tools for maintaining users and security groups, and a button to view all currently active users

Help and Support - program and license information, and a general link to this help system

Exit - for those who like an actual exit button (you can just use the [X] to close the main program at any time as well)

To change to a different ribbon, simply click it's header (Members, Groups, etc.).  

The other ribbons are each specific to a workspace. Click on any entry to see more details:




Front Desk*




Adding/Editing/Deleting Data

The Basic Actions

The Basic Actions

Nearly every list in the system will include one or more of these buttons. They won't always have the text shown below like this example from the ribbon bar, but the images will remain the same.

Add - create a new record in the list

Copy - duplicates the currently selected record in the list

Edit - opens the currently selected record for editing

Delete - deletes the currently selected record or records in the list

Some lists may include other buttons, such as a Merge button to combine entries, or arrow buttons to let you change the order.


The Quick Search

Each of the main lists (Member, Group, and Activity) include a quick search field at the top which can help you quickly find a record in the list.

Simply begin typing in the search field, and matching data will be highlighted wherever it is found in the list.


* Professional Version Only