What is a License?

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What is a License?

To use all of the functionality of the system, you must register and apply a valid license to the database. A license is obtained by registering the software. Upon registration, you will receive a license that includes the all the information needed to load that license into the system.

Note: The license becomes part of the database, so if you maintain multiple databases, you may want a separate license for each of them. This is not a requirement -- you can use the same license for more than one database -- but the organization name displayed on reports will be taken from whatever license is currently in use.

Without a valid license, you can only use a database in Unregistered mode. In this mode, the number of membership records that can be created is limited to a small number for testing purposes.

Once you have a license, it is valid for all updates (including patches, minor updates, and major upgrades) to the software for a period of one year.  Once that period expires, your license will need to be renewed and the system will no longer allow new records to be created (unless you have fewer records than the small number allowed without a valid license). Normally, a message will be displayed at log in beginning 30 days prior to the expiration date of your license, so you have plenty of time to order.

You can check the status of your license at any time.

Note: If the licenses expires, you will not lose any information, and records in excess of the maximum will not be lost; but, you will be unable to add more until the license information is replaced.