Membership Records Overview

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Membership Records Overview

A membership record represents a person relevant to your organization. Despite the name, "membership record," the record does not necessarily have to represent an actual "member" in terms of a class of membership. In other words, a prospective member, as well as a "person who gets our newsletters," is a candidate for a membership record.

Opening the Membership List

1.To open to the Membership List, choose the Members tab from the ribbon bar.

2. The Membership List will display.


If you're not familiar with selecting records in lists, please see this topic on how to select records from lists in Windows.

Finding a Record in the List

When the list is displayed, you can quickly find a record by typing in the search field at the top of the list. Press CTRL+F or click in the search field to activate it. Any text typed in the field will be sought throughout data displayed in the list.

Note: A membership preference controls whether the field is activated automatically when the list is refreshed.

Changing the Sort

Click the column heading of any column to sort the list by that column. The following example shows a date column being sorted in descending order, so the most recent dates are at the top.

The first click will sort the column in ascending order, the second click will sort the column in descending order,and a small arrow icon will indicate the current sort direction.

Widening a Column

If you need to read especially long entries, just position your mouse pointer between the column headings until the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow, then drag the column to the size you want.

Refreshing the Data

When you add a record or change data on the list, the system will try to refresh the modified row so that you see the change immediately. If the change doesn't appear for some reason, you can press F5 or click the Refresh button on the ribbon to re-retrieve data from the database. Note that the number of records shown on the list, and the current number of selected rows is always displayed in the status area below the list.

Exporting Data

You can easily export (save) data from the view in various formats, including PDF for easy printing. See Exporting Data for details.

Working with Records

The ribbon bar provides access to everything related to the list records.