Selecting Rows in Lists

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Selecting Rows in Lists

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Many lists allow you to select more than one row, so you can perform some action on them all.  For example, you may be able to delete all selected records, or load them all into the Email window, or save them to a file.

MemberTies supports the standard Windows row selection actions using a combination of the keyboard and the mouse, as described below.

To Select...


In Detail...

One or more rows

CTRL + Click

Hold down the CTRL key and click each row you want. Each row you click while holding down the CTRL key will be added to the set of selected (highlighted) rows.

All rows between one and another

SHIFT + Click

Click the first row, then hold down the SHIFT key and click the last row. Every row between the first and last will be selected.

All rows in a list (select all)


Hold down the CTRL key and press the "A" key.

Note that the CTRL and SHIFT keys can be combined to select different sets of rows. i.e., you can hold the CTRL key to select several rows, then add the SHIFT key to it and click further down the list.

To Unselect Single Rows

If you have a bunch of rows selected and just want to unselect a row within the set, hold the CTRL key down and click the row you don't want.  If it is already selected (highlighted), it will be unselected.