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Member Ribbon Bar

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The ribbon enables you to access all functionality that isn't specific to a single record (for which you would need to open a record from the list). The available icons may vary based on standard vs professional version, and security settings.

The general use of each button is described below. Click any option to go to the help for that area.

Search - open the search window to change find specific records for the list

Export - save the list data to a PDF file or other format

Refresh - re-retrieve the list data from the database

Add - or press CTRL+N to create a new record

Edit - or press CTRL+Enter to open the selected record for editing

Copy - or press CTRL+D to duplicate the selected record

Delete - or press CTRL+DEL to delete the selected records

Views* - choose or create a different layout of columns for the list

Previews* - choose one or more blocks of data to display below the list

Send Email* - send email to the selected records

Build Email List - export a list of email addresses from the selected records

Remove Email Address - automatically find and remove an email address from any record containing it (this is not restricted to the Group list)

Email Queue* - display the list of emails currently queued to be sent (this is not restricted to the Group list)

Activity - assign one or more members to an activity

Group - assign one or more members to a group

Add Postings* - add a posting to all selected records

Delete Postings* - delete postings from records based on criteria

Change Data - update multiple fields on multiple members at once

Toggle Flag - update the Include in Mailings or Auto-Relate flag on all selected records

Photo - display the photo assigned to the member (if any)

Website - open the your default web browser to the website on the record


*Professional version only