Resetting a Database

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Resetting a Database

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If you just need to clear test member data and start with a clean list, you can select all members on the Membership List and then press CTRL+DEL to delete them.

If you really want to reset the entire database and start over you'll need to delete the existing database and create a new one.

Deleting all Members

1.Choose the Members ribbon.

2.Click any record in the Membership List to select it.

3.Press CTRL+A to select all records.

4.Click Delete or press CTRL+DEL to delete all records.

Deleting and Recreating the Database

1.Follow the instructions to delete a database.

2.Follow the instructions to create a new database.

3.After the database has been created it will be ready for use, and you can log in as the administrator user or the user you created. Remember, any old users and passwords will be gone.
The database should only contain the original sample record.