Creating a New Database

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Creating a New Database

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When MemberTies is initially installed there are no databases available, which is why you were prompted to create a new database when you first started the program.  If you would like to create another database you can do so at any time.

Note: Only the administrator user (mtadmin) can create new databases.

Creating a New Database

1.Open the Database Toolkit

2.Choose Create New Database.


3.The following fields are available:

Database Name - a short meaningful name for your database. For example, "Ski Club" or "My Database" are good names. "Branch of the Widgets Data 2022" is not a good name, because it will always be cut off in the list.

User Name - the name with which you will log in. For example, "JSmith", "Susan", or "Secretary" are good names.

Use Password - If you do not want to use a password, change this to No, and the password fields will be disabled. Otherwise, enter a case-sensitive password in both password fields.
Important: Passwords are case-sensitive.  "PASSWORD", "PaSswOrRd" and "password" are all completely different!

4.Click Create Database

5.A success message will display when the database has been created.

6.After the database has been created it will be ready for use, and you can start MemberTies and log in as the administrator user or the user you created.