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Friends & Family Page

The Friends & Family page contains a list of "people" who are tied to the member record, but do not need to have complete membership records of their own. This often literally means family members, but it could also mean a friend who may one day be interested in the club, or a personal instructor or mentor. These records are referred to as "subordinate to" or "within" the main record, i.e., if the main record is removed, they are removed. Their dues, if applicable, would be part of the main record, etc.  

This page provides a standard dual view of data, showing the list of existing records on the top, and the details below. See Editing Records for more information.

To create a new record, click Add; or, select an existing record and click Edit, Copy, or Delete.

The following fields are available:

Full Name - the prefix, first, middle, last, and suffix parts of the member name.  If a single letter is entered for the middle name, the period will be added automatically (i.e., "A" becomes "A.") but if more than one letter is used, a word is assumed and it is not changed (i.e., "Aaron" remains "Aaron").
The Prefix and Suffix fields can be used for prefixes like "Dr.", "Mrs.", "President", etc., or suffixes such as "Jr.", "2nd", "PhD" or other titles. This data appears with the name on all reports that show the full name.

ID - is similar to the main record's Member ID, and it defaults to that ID as well. Unlike the main record however, this field can be left blank. If it has a value it can be used when searching for an activity attendee on the activity Front Desk* window.

Association - the relationship this person has to the main member record (daughter, son, etc.)

Birthdate - the person's date of birth. Once entered, the Age is calculated automatically.

Gender - the person's gender

Contact Name - the emergency contact person. For example, a child may be listed on his father's or mother's record, but if the parent travels a lot, a friend or other guardian may be appropriate.

Phone - the corresponding emergency contact phone number.

Work Phone - a work phone number

Email - a contact email

Comments - General comments

Allow Check-In* - controls whether this person may be found in a search for activity check-in via the Front Desk window. This option is selected by default, but it can be turned off.

Photo - a photo, if available. See Photos for details.


* Professional Version Only