Contacting Support

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Contacting Support

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You are free to contact the support group at Myrro International for any reason. While this may seem like a small benefit, remember that you are probably going to be reaching the person or persons who programmed the software and wrote all the help directly -- not a low-level support person hired last week, or worse, a marketing representative in a huge corporation.

Your concerns or comments are always important and you will receive a very prompt response.

Some common reasons to contact support are:

To suggest an enhancement or new feature (it's really nice to see your own suggestion appear in the newest release!)

To request to be included in the next beta-testing program

To report an error in the documentation

To report a bug (a problem) in the software

To discuss the registration process

To discuss funding immediate development of a major new feature

Contacting Info

Current contact information is always on our website at: