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Report Viewer

Wouldn't it be great if you could send a set of mailing labels to someone else, and they could view and print them without installing MemberTies? Well you can! All they need is our free Report Viewer software.

The Report Viewer is a small utility designed to enable you to quickly view, print, and email ".psr" reports saved in MemberTies or MemberTies Professional.

"PSR" formatted reports are the ideal way to send reports to other members of your organization while maintaining all formatting of the original report. For example, suppose the person who maintains the database and generates a report of mailing labels isn't the person who needs to actually use the labels for a mailing. Now, instead of printing the labels and physically sending them to the person who needs them, you can save the mailing label report as a .psr file and simply email it to the person who needs the labels. Then, the receiver simply downloads the Report Viewer tool, and uses it to view and print the labels on their own printer!

Furthermore, if you use Microsoft's Outlook, Outlook Express, or Exchange for electronic mail, you can email a report directly from the Report Viewer.

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