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MemberTies Membership Software - create your own views and lists with the fields you need

Similar to User Reports, MemberTies Professional enables you to create your own membership, group, and activity lists to view your data! If the standard "Membership List" doesn't contain the information you want to be able to see without opening a record, you can simply create a new view that contains just the fields you want to see.

The screen-shot above shows the Maintain Views window. This window shows all of the Membership List Views that have been defined. Notice that the one called "Membership List - Standard" is the list that you see in the standard version of MemberTies. You can modify that one too if you like. You can set any View as the default and it will be used automatically when you open the membership list.

Changing views is easy too -- just open this window, pick the desired view, and mark the "Apply the Selected View" checkbox at the bottom before clicking OK.