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MemberTies Membership Software - membership data at a glance in customizable views

This is a portion of the Membership list window. It provides the essential contact information at a glance, and complete address and telephone number information is available from a popup menu without having to open the entire record. If you have a modem installed, you can dial any telephone number on the record from this popup window as well.

MemberTies Professional enables you to create your own version(s) of the membership list called "Views". With a View, you can decide what columns of data should be displayed, and in what order. Combined with saved search criteria, you can have a view that you only use for your delinquent members, for example, or that shows only the complete address, or only certain custom fields.

In addition, the Professional version includes a Preview panel at the bottom of the list as shown. This area can be set to display various things, such as the last three recorded transactions (dues, donations, etc.), or the member's To Do list, or perhaps their address. This enables you to view additional information about a member without opening the full membership record.