Working with Members

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New membership records can be added to the database whenever the Membership List is active.

Note: If you are using a database that does not have a license assigned to its profile, you are limited to twenty (20) membership records. See Registering for more information.

When a new record is created, the system will populate some fields by selecting the default codes specified in your database. This applies to the Address Name (for MemberTies Professional), State/Province, Country, Reference, Phone Type, and Status fields. In addition, new records are automatically tied to any group records that have been set as Auto Relate groups.

Adding a Member

1Choose File > Workspace > Membership List.
2When the Membership List appears, choose File > Add Member.  You can also click the Add toolbar button. This will open the Details window for a new record.
3The Details window consists of several tabs, each of which are designed to track a certain type of information.
General Tab - Contains basic name, address, and phone number information.
Status Tab - Contains information about the current status of the membership, including the status itself, the start and end dates (typically the date the person joined the group or was entered in the database, and the date on which their current membership will expire).
Note: If your computer monitor has a high enough resolution (1024 x 768 or higher) this tab is hidden and its information is included on the General Tab.
Private Tab - Displayed for MemberTies Professional only, this tab contains private or confidential information that will not appear on system reports or searches (though you can add it to user-defined reports if you wish).
Dues Tab - Contains the financial record for the member. It is simply referred to as "Dues," but it really represents the member's "account" with the group.
Donations Tab - Displayed for MemberTies Professional only, this tab contains the donation record for the member. Entries are separate from Dues to avoid affecting the dues balance.
Items Tab - Contains a record of Items that have been assigned to this member.
Related Tab - Contains lists of other members and groups to which this record is related or associated in some way.
To Do Tab - Contains a list of To Do items that have been assigned to this member.
Custom Tab - Contains custom fields that can be used for whatever data you desire.
Activities Tab - Displayed for MemberTies Professional only, this tab contains information about activities the member has attended, and enables you to add the member to additional activities.
4Complete all appropriate information, then click OK.


If you would prefer that the cursor begin new records in the First Name field instead of the Prefix, you can specify this with a Membership Preference. See Membership Preferences for more information.
Your changes may not appear in the Membership List until it is Refreshed.
Select the Add Another checkbox before you save the record if you plan to add several records.
You can load or update member information from a scanned driver license. See Scanning a Driver License for details.

Changing a Member

1Choose File > Workspace > Membership List.
2Select the member you want to change, then choose File > Open Member, or click the Open toolbar button. This will open the Details window for the record.
3Make your changes, then click OK.

Deleting a Member

1Choose File > Workspace > Membership List.
2When the Membership  List appears, select the record(s) you want to delete, then choose File > Delete Member, or click the Delete toolbar button.

 With membership records, the message you receive when you click delete depends upon the Delete Action membership preference. There are two settings for this preference, which cause different behaviors:

 Delete Immediately - The system treats the record just like any other type of record -- you receive a prompt as shown above, and may click OK to permanently delete the record.

 Change to (Delete) Status - The system checks the status of the record first and acts based upon the current status:

 If the status is anything other than "(Delete)," the record is changed to the (Delete) status. This essentially places the record in a "delete queue." All records with a status of (Delete) will be deleted automatically by the system when you exit MemberTies.

 If the status is already "(Delete)," you will receive the standard prompt and if you click OK, the record will be permanently deleted. In this case, you are essentially deleting a record from the queue before the system gets a chance to do so.

 Note: There are two other Logoff preferences that apply to records in the (Delete) status: "Auto-Delete (Delete) Status" and "Prompt Before Deleting." These control whether the system even has the right to delete records in the (Delete) status and whether you should be prompted before it does. See Logoff Preferences for more information.