Working with Users

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Only the administrator user (mtadmin)  can modify existing users' passwords, active status, or Security Group settings.

For a general overview of users and passwords, see: Users and Passwords Overview.

For a general overview of the relationship between users, the server, and the database, see: Server and Database Overview.

Adding a User

1Login to MemberTies as the user "mtadmin".
2Choose Tools > Database Admin Tools > Maintain Users. The Maintain Users window will open, displaying all users that exist on the current database.


3Click Add.
4When the New User window opens, the following fields are available:

 User Name - The name the user will enter on the Login window to connect to the database.

 Password - The password for this user. (Note that you are able to leave the password field blank if you do not want to use a password at all.  This is extremely insecure and you should only do this if the computer exists in a secure location and is not accessible from the Internet.  Click the Set button next to the password to actually enter and confirm a password.


 Security Group - The security group that will dictate the things this user is allowed to do. Every user must belong to a specific Security Group. By default, all new users are added an unrestricted group that allows access to all features. Security Groups must be set up beforehand to appear in this list. To view the actual settings for a selected security group, click the View button next to the field. See Security Groups for more information about creating security groups.

 Active - Indicates whether this account can be used to log in to the system.  If the account is changed to Inactive, even the correct username and password will not grant access to the system. New users are automatically created as Active. If you do not want the user to be active at this time, clear the Active checkbox.

 The fields in the User Details section are optional and can be used to track additional information about who the user really is:

 Real Name - The name of the user.

 Address - The user's address.

 Phone - The user's telephone number.

 Email - The user's email address.

 Comments - Additional comments about the account.

5When you are finished, click OK to add the new user to the database.


Removing a User

When a user no longer needs to be able to access a database, you can either inactivate the account, or remove them from the system entirely. Either option will prevent them from logging into the database.

1Login to MemberTies as the user "mtadmin".
2Choose Tools > Database Admin Tools > Maintain Users.
3Choose what you want to do:
To remove a user from the database completely, select their record in the list, then click the delete button to remove the entry and confirm the deletion when prompted.
To inactivate the user so the account remains but is unusable, select their record in the list, then click open. On the Edit User window, clear the Active checkbox.
4When you are finished, click OK.

Changing Passwords

You can use the Maintain Users window to change the password for any user.

1Login to MemberTies as the user "mtadmin".
2Choose Tools > Database Admin Tools > Maintain Users.
3Select the user whose password you want to change.
4Click Change Password.
5Enter the new password, then click OK to return to the Maintain Users window.
6When you're finished, click OK. The new password will be required the next time the user logs in.