Working with Documents

Professional Version Only

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The Documents window is sort of a combination of the Reports and User Defined reports.  On the Reports window, the report on display can't be changed -- it is only there for display and printing.  To create a new report, you use the User Defined reports window to create and save the report, and then you open it on the Reports window like other reports.

With Documents, you are working with a "live" document on-screen all the time.  If you open a previously saved document, you can make changes to it immediately on-screen, and then save or print it as you wish.

Adding a New Document

1Choose File > Workspace > Documents
2When the Documents window opens, a new empty document is automatically created. You can save this as a new document by clicking Save.

 If you already have a document open and want to add a new one, click Add.


Opening an Existing Document

1Choose File > Workspace > Documents
2On the Documents window, open the "Select the document to view or print" list and choose a saved document to open. If no documents have ever been saved, the list will be blank.

Deleting an Existing Document

1With the desired document to be deleted open on the Documents window, click Delete,
2Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Saving a Document

1Open the desired document on the Documents window
2Choose File > Save
- or -
Choose File > Save As > New Document to save a new copy.
3Enter the desired document name if prompted.

Copying/Renaming an Existing Document

To rename a document, you must save it under a new name, then delete the old version.

1With the desired document to be copied/renamed open on the Documents window, choose File > Save As > New Document.
2On the New Document window, provide a name for the document.
3Click OK. The document will be saved under the new name and the new document will be displayed.