Selecting a Criteria Value

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A criteria entry is composed of a Field, an Operator, and a Value.  For example, "Last Name" "Equals" "Smith" means the field, "Last Name" must be an exact match (equal) when compared to the value "Smith".  Therefore, only members with a last name of Smith will pass the criteria to appear on the report.

The advanced search list has to do a lot of thinking in the background to be sure the right options are presented to you based on the field you select. For this reason, separate windows must pop up to help you enter the Operator and the Value. To enter this information, simply click the appropriate field on the list, and the necessary window will appear.

Note: To search for records with a blank value, leave the value field empty. i.e., criteria like, "Email Address = (blank)" will find records with nothing in the email address field.

Entering a Text Value

The above example shows the entry field for a plain text value.  The Enter Criteria Value window creates the appropriate type of entry field for the chosen Field Name. Since most fields in the system (such as "Last Name") are standard text fields, the input field will normally let you type whatever you wish. However, some fields have special values that must be selected in a special way. For more information about these special values, please choose one of the following:

Entering a Checkbox Value

The available checkbox options for criteria purposes are:

Selected - the checkbox on the record must be selected
Not Selected - the checkbox on the record must be clear
Any - it doesn't matter whether the checkbox is selected or not. This is useful when the criteria cannot be deleted, but needs to be ignored.


Entering a Date Value

There are a number of ways to specify a date. It can be relative to the current date, a specific day, or a specific kind of date. Please see Entering Date Criteria for details.

Entering a Status Value

When the membership status is used for criteria, the Enter Criteria Value window displays a list of all available statuses.  You may either select the statuses individually, or the Options button will display a popup menu of quick select choices.

Note: If you choose more than one status the criteria list will display, "Multiple Statuses" rather than attempt to list them all.

Entering a Dropdown List Value

Fields that display as lists in the application show similarly when used as criteria.