Selecting a Criteria Field

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A criteria entry is composed of a Field, an Operator, and a Value.  For example, "Last Name" "Equals" "Smith" means the field, "Last Name" must be an exact match (equal) when compared to the value "Smith".  Therefore, only members with a last name of Smith will pass the criteria to appear on the report.

The Select Criteria Field window enables you to choose the Field whose data you want to compare.

The window organizes the available fields into a simple tree display, grouping the fields by general types, or sections. There will be one or more sections available, each containing a number of fields. The Activity section contains fields for activities, attendance, and activity locations; the Members section contains contact fields from the membership record, and so on.

Note: The Address, Custom Field, and Assigned Item fields are specific to the primary data type of the report. i.e., on a Member data report, the address fields only relate to member data. Even if you select a Group field as criteria, the fact that the report is primarily a membership report means the address fields are for member addresses. (Custom Fields will only appear in this list if they have been defined as available to be used as Criteria.)

Special Criteria Behavior

Some types of criteria can cause more records to be excluded than expected, depending on the type of report and the criteria used. For example, a membership report is by definition focused primarily on membership data. However, if you use a Group Name as criteria you're bringing in a whole other area of the system and tying it to the report. That means that now only members who are part of at least one group can be considered at all. In other words, the system will first determine what members are tied to ANY group, and then narrow that to those who belong to the group name you specified with your criteria.  A member who doesn't belong to any group will be excluded before the group name is even considered.