Why Bother to Register?

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This information is from the Association of Shareware Professionals with regard to the question, "Why Should I Register my Copy of a Shareware Program?"

Why? For same reason you should pay for any program -- it is the honest thing to do. Shareware is commercial software, fully protected by copyright laws. Like other business owners, shareware authors expect to earn money for making their programs available. Paying for and registering a program also entitles you to support from the author and other benefits, such as free or less expensive upgrades, customization, quick bug fixes, etc. Moreover, the more consumers who pay an author to use a program, the more likely the author will continue to improve it and to offer new programs.


Consumers who purchase shareware programs receive a level of product support that exceeds what traditional software manufacturers deliver. Shareware users who need support often speak directly to the actual developer of the program, who is intimately familiar with how it operates and therefore can provide excellent technical support. Shareware authors often fix bugs in programs and add features quickly, based on feedback from users.

The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)  (http://www.asp-shareware.org/ ) is an international trade organization comprised of over 1000 shareware authors, publishers, vendors, and online service providers. Its members agree to uphold high standards of professionalism and to always deal fairly and courteously with their customers. The ASP logo on a shareware product means that product has been produced by an ASP member. In addition, the ASP maintains an Ombudsman service, which can help customers resolve any problems with ASP members. See Contacting Support for more information about your rights via the ASP.


There is a wide price range for shareware, as there is with software distributed through other channels. In general, many shareware programs cost less than other kinds of software, while some programs cost about the same as retail counterparts. MemberTies is offered in standard and professional versions to help keep prices down. The basic version is priced to be affordable to any organization. The professional version costs more and includes more powerful features that may not be needed by a small organization.


The shareware industry has an excellent track record in providing products that have been checked thoroughly for viruses. Shareware authors, online service operators, as well as disk vendors, carefully scan programs for viruses before offering them to consumers.

In fact, there have been many cases of viruses spread through shrink-wrapped software purchased in stores. So downloading a shareware program from the internet or an online service is probably safer than buying a disk in a store.

Why Shareware?

Shareware is an efficient way to run a software business. Authors do not spend nearly as much money marketing, packaging, and advertising their products as do developers of software sold through traditional channels. Lower costs means shareware authors can concentrate on writing great programs, while often charging users less.

Shareware authors also retain complete control over their programs -- a powerful incentive to programmers who have developed products from the beginning, and would rather see their fate determined by technical, rather than marketing, considerations. Shareware authors recognize that their programs have to be good. If they're not, consumers simply won't buy them.

IBM and Microsoft are just two of the software companies that have recognized these benefits of the shareware channel, as both have distributed "try before you buy" versions of products recently.

How to Register

See Registering for complete information about registering MemberTies.