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A "View" is simply a layout of either the Activity, Membership, or Group List consisting of one or more columns of data representing the fields you want to see.

Note: The Views topics appear under help chapters for each type of list. The process for using views is the same regardless of the list the view is for.

You work with views via the Maintain Views window. To open this window for the list you're on, click the Views toolbar button.

MemberTies ships with a single view of both lists, designed to display the most common information about a record. The default views do not include all available fields, because displaying more fields means retrieving more data from the database for each record, and retrieving data takes time.  Of course, you know your computer better than we do, so if it's happy retrieving more fields and more data, we're happy too.

With MemberTies Professional, you can create your own views to use with the Activity, Membership, and Group List. This powerful feature puts the decision making totally in your hands, allowing you to choose whatever fields you want. You have the ability to place them in any order, set both a primary and secondary sort order (i.e., by City, then by Last Name), and even change the text displayed for the column headings.

The Views you define will work just like the standard lists. Clicking a column heading will still sort the whole list, menu options will remain the same, and you can still open and add records normally. Even if you create a view that only shows the City (which would make it very hard to distinguish one record from another), if you select one of the rows in the list and open it, MemberTies will still know what record it is and will open it normally.

Tip: You can rename a view from the Maintain Views window. Just right-click the view you want to change and choose Rename from the popup menu.