Exporting Data with a View

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The easiest way to export data from MemberTies is to use Views. You can create a view that contains exactly the fields you want to export and then use Save As to save the data to a file. The file created will contain the same data that is displayed on-screen.

To Export Data from a View

1 Open the Membership or Group List and apply the View of your choice. For instructions on creating or applying Views, see Working with Views.
2 Search for the data that you want to export. For example, to export members living in "Anytown, USA", enter the appropriate search criteria and  display those records.
3Select the Results tab, then choose File > Save As > [file type] to save the data to a file.

 Note: The best format to export data to is Text. Text files are universal, and can be read by almost any program. The text file export was written by Myrro International for use in MemberTies, and it will try to use the names of fields as you see them on-screen, rather than the database names. i.e., you will normally see "Last Name", not "lname".

 You can save data in other formats, but the results may vary widely. In addition, formats other than "Text" will use the database column names, not the field names you see on-screen. This is because these are not formats controlled by us, and we can only "dump" data directly to them without any manipulation.