Viewing Sent Mail

Professional Version Only

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With MemberTies Professional a copy of each email you send can be saved in a Sent Mail list. The message, the address list, and the attachment list is saved just as it was defined on the Send Email window.

The Sent Mail list enables you to reload a message for resending, or to reload only certain addresses, attachments, or the subject and body of the message.

Viewing Sent Mail

1Sent Mail is a tabpage on the Send Email window.  This window can be accessed in a variety of ways, as described under Sending Email. The easiest way to simply view Sent Mail is to just click the Email toolbar button.
This is the sent mail for a single member, which is displayed by clicking the the Sent Mail icon on the member record.
2On the Email window, go to the Sent Mail tab.

Deleting Messages

To permanently remove one or more messages from the Sent Mail list, select the messages you want to remove, then click Delete.

Opening a Message

You can display all the details of any message in the Sent Mail list. Just select the message you want to open, then click the Open icon.

Reloading a Message

Though the message is view-only, you can restore the message, address(es), and attachment(s) to the active message.   If you would like to reload the entire message, click the "Reload this Message" button at the bottom of the window. This will load all attachments, addresses, and the subject and body text into the message tabpage on the Send Email window.

If you would rather only reload certain things, you must use the right-click mouse menu as follows:

To reload the subject and message text, right-click the Message area, then use the right-click menu to copy the subject and message text to the current message.
To reload one or more addresses, select the addresses you want, then use the right-click menu to copy them to the current message.

 Note: Since the Addresses tab could be setup for Single or Multiple messages, it may not be possible to copy the addresses to location they had on the original message. If the Addresses tab is set up for Single and the message was sent as Multiple, or visa versa, all copied addresses may be placed in the Available Addresses list, from which they can be assigned as appropriate.

To reload one or more attachments, select the attachments you want, then use the right-click menu to copy them to the current message.

 Note: You can also use the right-click menu on the Sent Mail itself list to perform similar actions.

Searching for Messages

To search for sent messages containing specific text, email addresses, or names, use the search fields located below the sent mail list.  When you click Search, the system filters the sent mail list down to just the messages matching your search criteria.  Click "Reset" to make the list show all messages again.

Opening a Record

You can right-click any name in the address list and open the associated membership or group record.  Note that this only works if the email address was added from a list within MemberTies. If you added the address manually to the Address List when sending the original email, the system doesn't know what record it should be associated with and it won't be able to open it.

Opening an Attachment

You can right-click any attachment in the Attachment List and open the associated file (if it still exists in the specified location).