Using the Quick Search Window

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There are several places in the system where you are allowed to search for a membership or group record while you're inside of another record.  For example, if you're using an Activity and want to add attendees, or if you're using a membership record and want to relate other members or groups to that record.

This is the window that appears when adding attendees to an Activity. We chose this example because unlike other quick search versions, this one includes an "Additional Information" tab.

The fields available in the Criteria section, and the columns displayed in the Results section vary with each Quick Select window.

The following options are available:

Criteria - Fields appropriate to the search being performed will be available. In this example they are appropriate to adding attendees to an activity. Otherwise, the criteria fields work just like all other basic search windows.

Search - Starts the search using whatever criteria you have entered.  If you don't enter any criteria, the search will return all records available.

Append - Prevents the Search Results list from being cleared prior to a new search.  This enables you to search for a last name of "Smith", then search again for a last name of "Jones" and add the new results to the results for "Smith". It just appends more rows to the results, rather than replacing the results.

Clear - Removes all entries from the Criteria section.

Remove - Removes the selected rows from the Results List.

Additional Information Tab - This tabpage may or may not be displayed on all quick search windows.

In this example, the Additional Information tab enables you to specify attendee information that will be applied to each record you select to keep. (See "Use Selected Results" below.)

Use Selected Results - The purpose of this button is to return one or more records to some other window.  Since the search could display hundreds of records, you have to select the row(s) you want to use, then click this button to go back to the window you were on before.

Cancel - Closes the search without returning any records.