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Professional Version Only

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With MemberTies Professional, you can use a special "Front Desk" window to quickly search for members and check them into and out of activities.  The Front Desk window is designed to simplify the use of bar-coded membership ID cards. (The assumption is that the ID cards contain a bar code with the member ID encoded, and that you have entered the appropriate member ID value into the corresponding membership record within MemberTies). However, there is no requirement to have an ID card to use the Front Desk window. You can manually enter a value in any of the search fields.

The Front Desk window is composed of three sections:

Member Search Criteria

The search criteria area works just like other MemberTies search windows. You can enter one or more criteria values, and when you click the Search button, the system will try to find the matching record.  If you have the member ID on a bar-coded membership card, you can leave the cursor in the Member ID field, and when the card is scanned, the system should automatically display the member if the ID matches a record in the system.  The bar code needs to contain the exact matching member ID, and the scanner you use needs to terminate the scan with a "carriage return" or "enter key". This simulates you pressing the Enter key on your keyboard, which triggers the Search button.

Options in this Section:

Set Favorite - Enables you to choose the search criteria field the cursor should return to when you press the Escape key or complete a successful Check In.  If you're using a scanner to display membership records, you can essentially scan the card, see the member, click "Check In" (or just press the space bar, as the Check In button should be active at that point) and the cursor will immediately return to the favorite field with the screen resent for the next person.  If for some reason the cursor needs to return to the favorite field sooner, you can press the ESC key to force it.  To set the favorite field, put the mouse cursor in the desired field, and click the button.
The Add icon - Enables you to add a new membership record immediately. When you save the new member, it will automatically be selected and displayed in the Member Synopsis area.
The Member ID field - is used for finding a matching Member ID but it will also search for a matching Friends/Family record with the corresponding ID.
If you click Search and more than one record matches the criteria, a list of possible matches will appear. (See the Multiple Records window description below.)
The "Custom 01" and "Custom 02" fields are examples of custom fields that can be displayed if you use the Custom Field maintenance window to mark a field as usable for Front Desk searches.  See Maintaining Custom Fields for more information.
Multiple Matching Records

If more than one record matches the search criteria, a list of matching records will be displayed so you can choose the desired record to use, or just check one or more in immediately:

Options on this window:

Use - Displays the selected record in the Member Synopsis area (see below) of the main Front Desk window, ready to be checked-in.  This happens automatically when your search only yields a single matching record.
Check-In - Enables you to check-in one or more records automatically, without ever displaying them on the main window. Note that if you select a record that is already checked in, the resulting behavior depends on your Front Desk preference settings. The system may ignore it, prompt you, or allow it to be checked in a second time.
Check-Out - Enables you to check-out one or more records, similar to the Check-In option above.  This options works like the unattended mode check-out, in that it finds all open (not-checked-out) attendance entries for the member on the current activity and closes them.
Hide Photo - Select this option to remove the photo display and expand the list in its place.

Note: if you do not want to see the Company Name in this list, turn off the Show Company in Results preference.


Member Synopsis

The  Member Synopsis provides basic membership information at a glance.

In this section:

If the End Date on the membership record has passed, the date will be displayed in red text as an informational warning to you.
A popup warning that the End Date is in the past will appear if the End Date Warning preference is turned on.
The system will prevent the check-in if someone with an expired End Date is selected if the End Date Validation preference is turned on.
The member's name is a clickable link to open the full member record. (If the selected attendee is actually a family member, clicking the name will open the main member record, and you can go to the Family tab from there.)
The Comments icon enables you to change the comments field on the membership record without opening the full record.
The "Hide Photo" checkbox can be selected if you don't typically use photos or don't want to display them.
A Dues icon can be displayed by enabling the Allow Dues preference. This allows the creation of dues entries directly from the Front Desk. This can be helpful if the person using the Front Desk doesn't have access to the membership record.
The information displayed in the Member Synopsis can be limited by the Limit Synopsis Data preference.
The photo is a clickable link to the photo window, enabling you to change a photo, or view the member's friends/family photos, as shown below:
Activity Check In/Out

The Activity Check In/Out section controls the process of actually assigning a member to an activity. When the member checks IN, the start date and time are set. When the member checks OUT, the end date and time are set. The attendance entries for the currently selected person, for the current activity, are displayed in the list on the right.  In addition, the number of times the person has attended an event with the same type is shown above the list.

Note: The information icon displayed next to the Activity field can be used to quickly display a synopsis of the activity, and the current number of attendees checked in or out.

The following fields are available:

Activity - This dropdown contains the names of all activities that are "active". An activity is listed if the current date falls within the activity start and end date, or if the activity has no end date, or no dates at all.
The following fields enable you to setup entries that will automatically be "stamped" on each member attendance entry.

Date/Time - The selected date and time. This is normally used when you need to enter something other than the current date and time. If you would prefer to enter the current date and time, select the Use Current Date and Time checkbox instead.

Role - This dropdown contains all available activity roles.

Status - This dropdown contains all available attendance status codes. The attendance status is a required field.

Comments - This is a freeform text field for additional details about the attendance entry.

Sponsor - An optional sponsoring member for the attendee. i.e., if a person is attending with the support or "sponsorship" of an existing member, this enables you to record the link between attendee and member.

Posting Type- Choose the posting type appropriate to the entry. If everyone coming to the activity must pay $15.00 to get in, for example, setting this field to "Activity Income" and the Amount field to $15.00 will streamline the recording of incoming fees by automatically entering that amount for each attendee.

Amount - The amount of the income or expense entry.

Cheque - The cheque number or other identifier of the entry.

Comments - This is a freeform text field for additional details about the income/expense entry.


If automatic postings have been defined for the activity, these fields may be filled in automatically and disabled. For details, see Advanced Options for the activity.
If you want to be warned when checking-in a person who is already checked-in to the activity, turn on the Multiple Check-In Warning preference.

Checking In an Attendee

The ability to check-in via the Front Desk is controlled by several preferences.

1Setup the appropriate data in the Activity Check-In Details section.
2Search for the member using the Criteria section.
3Click "Check-In." If the member has already been checked in to the current activity, you will be prompted to confirm an additional entry.

Checking Out an Attendee        

1Search for the member using the Criteria section.
2The "Current Attendance Entries" list will display all entries for the selected member.

 Note: The Hide Closed Entries checkbox will filter out all entries that already have a Check Out date/time.

 Select the current attendance entry you want to close, then click "Check Out".  The end date and time will be set to the current date/time.

Changing an Attendance Entry

Any entry shown in the Current Attendance section can be opened for editing. Just select the record and click Open.

Unattended Check In

Once the Activity Check In/Check Out section has been set up with the appropriate values, you can click "Unattended Mode" to open a special full screen window that is designed to accept incoming card scans.  When the window opens you are given the opportunity to create a password to secure it.  This is helpful if you want to prevent one of your guests from simply closing the window and accessing your entire database.  If you do not want a password, you can leave it blank.

See Using Unattended Check In Mode for details.