Using the Print Window

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The Print window enables you to control the way a report is printed.

The following fields are available:

Printer - The printer to be used.

Setup - Opens the printer setup dialog for the selected printer.

Print Range - Indicates the number of pages to print

 All - Select this option to print all pages displayed on the report.

 Range - Select this option to specify a From and To range of pages to print.

 Selection - Select this option to specify a non-contiguous set of pages to print, i.e., 1, 3, 5-7, 10

Pages to Include - Indicates whether to print odd or even pages

 All Pages - Select this option to include both Even and Odd numbered pages.

 Even - Select this option to only include even-numbered pages.

 Odd - Select this option to only include odd-numbered pages.

Other Options (these options may or may not be supported on your printer)

 Duplexing - Select whether to print one-sided (simplex) or two-sided (duplex) vertical or horizontal

 Paper Source - Select the paper tray to use on your printer

 Print Quality - Select the output quality

Number of Copies - The number of copies of the selected pages to be printed.

Save Settings as Default -        Select this option before clicking Print or Close to retain the selected settings.

Print - Sends the output to the printer.