Using a New License

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First of all, THANK YOU for registering! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Your new license will generally be sent to you in an email, which should include instructions on how to apply the license. Since MemberTies is available for download at any time, most users will already have seen the "reminder" Registration Notice window that is displayed each time you login.  If you follow the instructions in the email and copy the specified license text to the clipboard, it will automatically be entered in the license fields when the window appears.

The text to copy form the email will normally be in a special area of text, like this:

 --Start Here---------------------------------

 My Organization Name


 -----------------------------------End Here--


You should copy everything, including the dashed line above and below the text to use the "Paste License" option. But if you would prefer to copy just the licensee, and then right-click and paste it into the Licensee field, then copy the license number and right-click and paste it into the Number field, that is fine too.

If you choose not to enter information at this time, just click "Not Yet" to bypass the window and continue to log in. You can choose "Registering" under the Help menu and click the "I Have a License" button to display this window again if needed.  You can also enter the license information on any existing Database Profile in Preferences.

Note: There is a difference between a license for MemberTies, and a license for MemberTies Professional -- they are not interchangeable. You can upgrade an existing standard license to the professional version by paying the difference in cost.

Updating the License on Multiple Databases

If you have multiple databases, you should open each database profile in Database Preferences and add the information there. See Working with Database Profiles for details.

Updating the License for Multiple Users

The license information is stored within the database itself, so as soon as one person loads a new license, it will apply to all other users.

Upgrading a License

A license is typically valid for all upgrades, large or small, for a full year.  When the license expires, the only thing that changes is your ability to download and install new releases. Nothing will change with respect to using your database(s), logging in, adding records, etc.  You still have an existing license, but the maintenance period has expired.

Note: If the "License Update Prompt" preference is turned on, a message will be displayed 30 days prior to the expiration date.

You can quickly determine when your current license expires by choosing Help > About MemberTies.  The date of expiration ("Free Updates Until"), as well as the maximum number of users is displayed on the License Information tab.