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You can uninstall MemberTies via the Control Panel >  Add/Remove Programs. However, before uninstalling, there are a couple of things you might want to do, especially if you are transferring the program to a new user.

Uninstall Checklist

You might want to create a user name and password for the next person who will be using the database. Remember, only valid users can add new users. See Working with Users for more information.
You might want to change your personal password if it is something obvious and you won't be using it anymore. See Changing Your Password for more information.
You might want to print a current roster of your membership for reference while the program is not available. See Reports Overview for more information.
After you've made the above changes, make a current backup of the database, and just to be safe, copy it somewhere completely outside the program directory.  The uninstall process shouldn't delete the active database or any backup files, but you want to be certain your data is safe. In other words, if you've been backing up data to c:\program files\MemberTies\database\backup\, copy the database file to a directory like c:\myclub\.  See Backing Up the Database for more information.
Shutdown the Server. If the server is running, Windows won't be able to uninstall anything the server is "touching."  Use the Server Utility to shut the server down and release all files.