Troubleshooting Email Display

Professional Version Only

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If your email arrives and contains bizarre characters that don't look like what you sent, it normally means that something in the message could not be converted into HTML (formatted). If a message is typed directly in the email window from scratch, it should all display correctly; but, if the message has been copy/pasted from another source, like a word processing document, PDF file, or even another email program, things can go wrong.  Incompatible formatting, unknown fonts, and character set and code page issues can cause lots of problems that we cannot control.

The best thing to do when using copy/pasted email text is to send a test message to yourself first.  Don't test the output by sending a message to 5,000 members!  Go to the Addresses tab and delete any addresses there, add one entry for yourself, and send the message.

In some cases, you can tell whether or not a message is going to convert neatly by putting the cursor in the message and looking at the formatting toolbar above the message.  If the cursor is in a line that is bulleted and the Bullet toolbar button doesn't activate, then the text probably isn't recognized as a bullet and it should be reformatted.

Remember -- when you're unsure, send a test message first!