Toolbar Buttons

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The following are the normal toolbar buttons that are displayed. Some buttons are only available to the professional version, as noted below.  The buttons below are in alphabetical order, not necessarily the order in which the appear on the main toolbar.





Menu Access

Activity List


Opens the activity list.

File - Workspace - Activity List

Group List

Opens the group list. (Note that the word "Groups" is controlled by an organization preference.)

File - Workspace - Group List


(Pro Version Only)

Enables you to send email. The addresses listed on the email window vary, depending on what window you were on when the button was clicked.

Actions - Send Email

Front Desk

(Pro Version Only)

Enables you to use activity front desk window to check members in and out of activities.

File - Workspace - Activity Front Desk

Help Options

Opens online help, or displays information about the system.

Help - All Help Topics or,
Help - About MemberTies

Membership List

Opens the membership list.

File - Workspace - Membership List


Opens the preferences window, enabling you to set various options related to different areas in the system.

Tools - Preferences


Opens the reports window.

File - Workspace - Reports


(Pro Version Only)

Opens the snapshots window.

File - Workspace - Snapshots

User Reports

(Pro Version Only)

Opens the user defined reports window

From the Reports window --
Actions - User Reports


(Pro Version Only)

Opens the user defined views window

From the Group List or Membership List --
Actions - Views