To Do Tab

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

A To Do entry is simply a reminder of something the group needs "to do." The To Do tab displays all entries for the group.

Note: If you want to be notified of open To Do items when MemberTies starts, the Login Preference to display open To Do's on startup must be turned on

Adding a To Do Item

1On the To Do tab, click Add.
2When the New To Do window opens, complete the following fields:

 Description - A brief description of the required action

 Due Date - The date the To Do is to be completed

 Prompt - The number of days ahead of the Due Date you want to be reminded of the Item.

 Complete - Select this option if this item has already been completed (perhaps you're entering it for historical purposes).

3Click OK.

Changing or Completing a To Do Item

1On the To Do tab, select the entry you want to change.
2Click Open. This will open the To Do window for the selected record.
To complete the item, mark the Complete checkbox
To reopen the item, clear the Complete checkbox
3Make your changes, then click OK.

Deleting a To Do Item

1On the To Do tab, select the entry or entries you want to delete.
2Click Delete.
3Confirm the deletion.