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The To Do list feature simply enables you to keep track of things that need to be done.  However, instead of a single general list, you can assign To Do items to individual member or group records, as well as to yourself.

To Do items can be anything you choose. For example, you might create a To Do for yourself entitled, "Print Year End Membership Roster" with a due date of December 31st. Then you just forget about it! When the due date arrives, the To Do will display when you start MemberTies (if you turn on that Login Preference ). You can even specify how soon before the Due Date the To Do should begin to display. For example, setting the "prompt" to 10 would cause the To Do to display anytime you start MemberTies after December 20th.

To Do items can be marked as Completed at any time, and can be reopened if necessary. A To Do List report is also available to print To Do items.

The "Show To Do List" Login Preference controls whether to display all open To Do items each time you login to MemberTies. Turning on this feature ensures that you never login without seeing the current list of outstanding items.  If there are no open To Do items, the window will not appear.

The To Do List window enables you to manage any list, whether it is for a member, group, or yourself. The following options control what appears in the list:

List Type - Determines whether the list will include items for members, groups, yourself, or all items without restriction. If you choose to display the list for Members or Groups, a second dropdown list will be displayed so you can limit the list to specific record.

To Do Status - Determines whether the list will include only Open items (items with a dues date that has arrived or past), Completed items, or both open and completed items.

Include Future To Do Items - Items that are scheduled in the future can be displayed on any list by selecting this option.