The Help/About Window

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Almost every software package contains a "Help/About" window, and MemberTies is no exception.  This is a simple window that displays general program and license information.  Information on this window is commonly requested by Support if you have a problem, because it helps in the recreation of the problem.

Opening the Window

1Open the Help menu, and choose "About MemberTies". This is normally the last entry on the menu.
2The "About MemberTies" window includes two tabpages, each containing different information:

 Program Information - includes details about the program version number, when it was created and released, the database version, and contact information for questions.

 License Information - includes your license details, when the maintenance period expires, how many users the license is valid for, and the name of the current user and database.

3When you are finished, click OK to close the window.