The "Auto-Relate" Group

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Each group in your database can be related to one or more membership records, thereby tracking the "members" of that particular group.  This becomes an efficient way of tracking not only groups, but committees, councils, and any other connected group of people.

Each time a new membership record is created, a relationship is built between it and any Auto-Relate groups. If you expect each member you create to be a member of a particular group or groups, you can set up those group(s) as "auto relate" groups. This is particularly helpful if you have a group record that represents your organization.

Setting a Group to Auto-Relate

1Choose File > Workspace > Group List.
2Select the group you want make auto-related to new membership records.
3Choose File > Open Group.  You can also click the Open toolbar button. This will open the Details window for the group.
4On the General tab, select the Auto-Relate checkbox.


5Click OK.
6This group and any other auto-relate groups will be automatically related to all new membership records.


To relate existing members to an existing group, use the Membership List to select all of the members that need a relationship. Then choose Actions > Relate Group, and search for the appropriate group or groups. Then click the "Select" button to create the relationships.