Status Change History

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Each time the status of a membership record changes, whether manually, or via an automatic change based on status expiration settings (see Maintaining Status Codes for details), the change is recorded in the Status Change History.

The Membership History report uses this data to show the number of members who held each status in a given year.

Viewing Status Change History

1Choose File > Workspace > Membership List, or click the Membership List toolbar button.
2Select the member for which you want to view status change history.
3Choose File > Open Member.  You can also click the Open toolbar button. This will open the Details window for the member.
4Select the Status tab and click the Status History icon to open the  Maintain Status Change History window


 Notice that the "To Date" is blank on the History list for the current status. This will be filled in by the system when the next status change occurs.

5When you are finished, click OK.

Adding or Changing a Status Change History Entry

You can add new entries or change existing entries at any time. This is helpful to remove an accidental change, or to add historical entries (things that happened prior to using MemberTies, for example).

1Open the status change history for the desired membership record.
2To add a new entry, click Add; to change an existing entry, select it and click Open.
3The following fields are available:

 Status - The membership status the entry is for.

 From - The date the member was assigned the selected status.

 To - The date the member ceased to be assigned the selected status.

4When you are finished, click OK.