Status Tab

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Note: The tab pages to display, and the order in which they appear, are controlled via Preferences.

This tab is used for miscellaneous group settings, such as whether it is the default group for reports, whether members are automatically related to it, general comments, etc. This page is only displayed if your monitor is set to a resolution less than 1024 x 768.

Note: If your computer monitor supports a higher resolution, the General and Status tab pages will be combined into one "General" page.

The following fields on this tab require some additional explanation:

Established - This field can be used to track the date a group was established, founded, etc.  There is no system processing tied to this date.

Include in Mailings - The behavior of this field is controlled by the "Use Include Criteria" report preference. If the preference is on, then group mailing label reports will only include this group if this checkbox is selected.  If the preference is off, this checkbox has no effect unless you manually use the "Include in Mailings" field as part of your report criteria.

This checkbox can also be cleared automatically by the system if the status is automatically changed to an Inactive status. To enable this feature, see the Clear Mailing Flag setting in Membership Preferences. .

This setting can also be changed automatically based on the status you select. See Maintaining Status Codes for more information.

Report Default - One group in your database can be specified as the Report Default. The group with this setting will be the default group used on reports when the group name is part of the criteria. Note that if you do not relate any membership records to specific groups, you should not set a default group. Leaving the default unspecified will cause reports to default to (All Groups), which in this case would be your entire database.

Auto-Relate - Each time a new membership record is created, a relationship is built between it and any Auto Relate groups.  If you would like to tie your members to your organization's Group record, you can create a group record and select this checkbox. Then, each time you create a new membership record it will automatically be tied to your group. Any number of groups can be set as Auto-Relate groups.