Login Preferences

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Login Preferences control behavior that occurs as you login and MemberTies starts.

Changing Login Preferences

1Choose Tools > Preferences, or click the Preferences toolbar button.
2Expand the Login section.
3The following preferences are available:

 Check Addresses at Login - controls how often the system will verify that the correct address is marked 'Current' based on available address date ranges. By default, this check occurs only once per day when you log in. This setting has no effect if address date ranges are not used. This preference is normally only changed if a large number of date ranges have been changed, or if the system date has been changed and you need the system to update immediately. In such a case you could change the setting to "Every Time", then logoff and on again, then change the preference back.

 License Update Prompt - A registered license is valid for free updates to the software for a period of one year. If this preference is enabled, a message will be displayed beginning 30 days prior to the end of the "free updates period". Once the update period has ended, or this preference is turned off, the message will no longer appear.

 Message of the Day - controls the message displayed to all users on startup.  Access to this preference can be controlled by a special Security Setting.

 Opening Window - controls the window that is first displayed when the application starts. You can choose any of the major lists, the reports window, or you can choose to start a new membership or group record immediately.

 Show Tip of the Day - controls whether the Tip of the Day is displayed automatically.

 Show To Do List - controls whether the To Do List is displayed automatically when there are outstanding To Do items.

4When you're finished changing preferences, click OK.

Window Startup Order

For reference, the actual order in which windows appear after login is:

1.Tip of the Day (if enabled)
2.To Do List (if open items are available)
3.Opening Window