Using the Snapshots Window

Professional Version Only

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You can choose to display any number of the available snapshots on the window, and you can arrange and resize them any way you wish. When you close the window, the system will remember the layout you created, and will restore it for you when you return.  Snapshot settings and layouts are saved for each user.

Note: If you would like the snapshots window to be the first window opened when MemberTies starts, you can set the Opening Window Login Preference.

Choosing Snapshots

1Choose File > Workspace > Snapshots.
2If you have never opened the Snapshots window before, you will be prompted to choose snapshots to display.  Choose Yes to open the Snapshots List.  You can also open the Snapshots List by choosing Actions > Choose Snapshots.


 The Snapshot List displays all available snapshots, and indicates whether they are currently open.

3Place a checkmark next to each snapshot you want to open. If you clear a checkmark, that snapshot will be closed when you close the list.
4The system will open each newly selected snapshot. Depending on how many snapshots are already open, the new snapshot panels may open on top of existing panels.
5Use the mouse to drag the panels around and resize them as necessary to create a layout that is easy for you to use.


Changing Snapshot Settings

At a minimum, you are allowed to set the title of each snapshot using its settings window. In addition, many snapshots allow other settings to be made, to control the records that are displayed.

1Right-click anywhere in the snapshot panel you want to change, then choose Settings from the popup menu.

2When the Settings window opens make any appropriate changes, then click OK to save and refresh the snapshot panel.

Other Snapshot Options

Always check the right-click menu to see what options are available for the snapshot panel in question. Some typical options are:        

Refresh - Choose this option to force the snapshot to re-retrieve data. This is helpful if you've changed a record that was displayed in the snapshot list.
Printing - Choose this option to print the contents of the snapshot list.
Opening Records - If the snapshot displays a list of member records, for example, choose this option to open the selected member's main record.

Snapshot Security

Security Group settings are available to prevent users from either opening the snapshot window, or from changing snapshot settings. Additionally, certain snapshots are only available to the administrator user, such as the listing of active users.