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The Snapshots window, available with MemberTies Professional, enables you to choose one or more informational snapshots to display on a single window. Each snapshot provides a view of a specific kind of data, and many shapshots have user-definable settings to control the kind of data that is displayed.  For example, the "Dues Balance Notification" snapshot lists all membership records with a dues balance that meets a certain rule, such as "Greater Than 1000.00", or, "Less Than 0.00".

Snapshots can be arranged on the snapshots window in any order or position you wish, and sized as you wish, to provide the display that is appropriate to your needs.  For example, if you want to see every member who is checked in to an Activity, but just want to know about members with a dues balance less than zero, or upcoming birthdays, you could size one snapshot much larger than the others.

You work with snapshots via the Snapshots window. To get to the Snapshots window, click the Snapshots toolbar button.