Logoff Preferences

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Logoff Preferences control behavior that occurs as you log off MemberTies.

Setting Logoff Preferences

1Choose Tools > Preferences, or click the Preferences toolbar button.
2Expand the Logoff section.
3The following preferences are available:

 Auto Delete (Delete) Status - if this setting is active, any membership record with a status of (Delete) is automatically deleted from the database when the application closes. See Maintaining Status Codes for more information about the (Delete) status. Note that the "Prompt Before Deleting" preference (see below) controls whether you are notified before this occurs.

 Automatic Logoff - controls whether the system will automatically return to the Login window after a specified period of inactivity. If used, the timeout period must be at least 0.5 minutes (30 seconds). This can provide a measure of security against snooping if the system is located in a public area.

 Prompt Before Deleting - if this setting is active, a message will appear asking you to confirm the automatic deletion of membership records that have a status of (Delete). If you answer No to the prompt, the records will be left in the database. Note: If the"Auto Delete (Delete) Status"  preference (see above) is not active, this preference has no effect.

 Prompt on Exit - if this setting is active, you will be prompted with a confirmation message each time you attempt to exit MemberTies. This can avoid disconnecting from the database and canceling your changes if you accidentally try to exit the program.

4When you're finished changing preferences, click OK.