Scanning a Driver License

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If you have a magnetic card scanner, you can fill or update the fields on a member record by using the Scan Driver License window from the member record.

Note: The Enable Driver License Scan membership preference must be turned on before the Scan button will appear on the member Details window.

Scanning a Driver License

1Create a new member record, or open an existing one that you want to update with scanned information.
2Click the "Scan" button in the lower left corner.  If this button is not available, check the preference. The Scan Driver License window will open.


3The cursor should start in the "Scan" field at the top of the window. If you clicked one of the other fields by mistake, click the Reset button.
4Scan the driver license. The data will feed into the Scan field and when the scan is finished, the data will be removed, parsed, and loaded into the appropriate fields.

 Note: If no data appears when the card is scanned, or if nothing is read, the card probably doesn't follow the AAMVA Specification. Since states can choose not to follow this specification, the system has no way of knowing how to deal with the incoming data, so it must be ignored.

5The system automatically uses the name, address, birthdate, and sex information. You have the option of using any or all of the License Number, Height, Weight, Hair Color and Eye Color data.  To use this data, you must choose the destination field on the right. For the License Number, you can use the Member ID, or any custom field. The other fields can only be directed to custom fields.  If you don't want to use the field data at all, leave the destination blank.  Your settings will be stored for future use.

 Note: If the city on the driver license is not in the database, the system automatically adds it without any prompt.

6When you are happy with the settings, click Use to close the window and send the data to the member record.