Saving Reports

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You can save a displayed card or label style report as a file that can be reloaded into the Reports window at a later date. For example, each time you print mailing labels, you may want to save the report as a file so you can reload it later to verify that a certain person was part of the mailing, or you may simply want to send the label report to another person who needs to print them.

Reports saved in this format can also be viewed with Myrro International's free Report Viewer. This simple viewer enables the user to open any .psr file and view or print it as if they were looking at it within MemberTies. To download this utility, go to, go to the Download area, and choose the Report Viewer.

Saving a Report

1Choose File > Workspace > Reports.
2Select the desired report from the report selection dropdown.
3When the report is displayed, choose File > Save As > Other Data Formats > Report Format.

 Note: You can save reports in other formats, but the results may vary widely.  Reports are designed for display, not exporting. An exported report may include code values instead of display values (i.e., "100" instead of a State name).  The only report really designed for exporting is the Membership Data Export report.

4When the Save dialog appears, enter a name for the report, then click Save.

 Note: The extension must be ".psr" or you will not be able to reload it!

5A message will appear indicating the success or failure of the operation. Click OK.

For information about viewing the saved report, see Viewing a Saved Report.